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Tailings dry sieve

Tailings dry sieve,Tailings dry sieve manufacturer design

  • Price: $1,500.00-$15,000.00/ Set
  • Processing power: 1-500T/H
  • Applicable materials: Iron ore, copper, gold, aluminum ore
  • Product alias: dry sieve

Product Details

There are many forms of tailings dry discharge screens. Different forms are processed for different materials (please contact for selection when ordering). The main forms are vibrator type, vibration motor type, electromagnetic vibration type, etc. The vibration frequency is high. The row effect is good.
Tailings dry sieves are mostly used in metal mines such as iron ore, copper, gold and aluminum mines. Mining with high recycling value has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and convenient maintenance. .

After more than 30 years of technical reformation by our technicians, the technology of tailings dry discharge sieve has been quite mature, and the technology of the sieve machine is quite mature. Please rest assured to buy.

Exciter type dry sieve:

Exciter type dry sieve

The exciter-type tailings dry discharge screen adopts a high-vibration frequency exciter, which has a large excitation force, effectively treats the materials attached to the screen surface, and is not easy to block holes. The effect of using a polyurethane screen is better.

Vibration motor type dry row screen:

Vibration motor type dry row screen

Vibration motor type tailings dry discharge screen. The vibration motor is an excitation source that combines a power source and a vibration source. Its maintenance cost is even lower. Because the use of an integrated excitation design is more convenient to replace, the cost is compared to the vibrator. Type price bottom.

Electromagnetic tailings dry discharge screen:

Electromagnetic tailings dry discharge screen

The advantages of the electromagnetic tailings dry discharge sieve are lower noise and higher vibration frequency, so as to achieve better processing results. Due to the use of multiple excitation source excitation points, the vibration frequency that the sieve surface can reach is almost the same. The effect is excellent.