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How to solve the heating problem of the round vibrating screen well?

Many customers report that the circular vibrating screen will heat for no reason when used. The general quality and performance of the circular vibrating screen are relatively good. Why is this so? In fact, you don't need to be overly nervous about unexplained fever. The unexplained heating of the circular shaker is not the main problem, because fever may be the reason we use it for a long time, and there is no reason to stop in the middle. This means that we do not care about the heating problem, so how can we solve the heating problem of the round vibrating screen well?

How to solve the heating problem of the round vibrating screen well?
  After ten minutes of use, the bearings of the round vibrating screen are prone to friction and heat. When the bearing lubricating oil of the circular vibrating screen does not meet the requirements, it will cause the problem of infarction after sealingly installing the circular vibrating screen. The bearing arrangement temperature will rise to the specified value. At this time, the lubricating oil system containing oil should be searched in time to make the lubricating oil clean to use. If infarction is found, the bearing should be installed completely clean.
  Circular vibrating screen is a relatively common mining machine, but it will encounter various failures during use, which will affect production and use.
  Causes of common failures
  1. Shaft fracture
  In actual use, shaft breakage is a relatively common failure, which will cause the circular vibrating screen to stop working immediately, and maintenance is also more complicated, which must be highly valued. The main reasons for shaft fracture are as follows:
  ①Long-term metal fatigue.
  The shaft is made of metal. In use, it will withstand large torque for a long time. The material inside the shaft will gradually create a gap, while the undamaged part will gradually yield and break under the action of torque.
  ② The tension of the V-belt is too large.
  If the tension is too large, it will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the stress of the shaft during material processing, even exceeding the high strength of the shaft, which directly leads to brittle failure of the shaft. Even if there is no brittle failure, it will cause the internal force of the shaft to increase significantly, so that fatigue failure will occur in advance.
  ③The shaft material is bad.
  The torsional strength of different materials varies greatly. If the material texture is poor, it will inevitably lead to low torsional strength and brittle failure.
  2. Transmission failed
  Transmission failure is also a relatively common failure during use. Once this failure occurs, the equipment will be unusable, which will seriously affect production. At the same time, transmission failures are more complicated and maintenance is more difficult.