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The role of commonly used swing screen accessory machine

The commonly used swing screens are mostly circular. The bottom is the base and the motor. When the motor is started, the entire swing screen is driven to perform motion screening. The screening accuracy and screening efficiency are also very prominent. Then, there are some additional additions about the swing screen. Accessories, do you know what they do?

The role of commonly used swing screen accessory machine
1. The swing screen is equipped with a cover.
    Usually, the swing screen used does not have a cover. Some customers need us to make an extra cover. The use of the cover can avoid dust pollution and protect the screening environment and the working environment of the staff effect.
2. The feed inlet of the swing screen is equipped with an umbrella-shaped distributor.
    This additional accessory can effectively prevent the accumulation of materials, because not all customers choose machinery and equipment to add materials evenly. When adding materials manually, it is inevitable that the materials will be unevenly fed. The umbrella-shaped distributor can make the materials evenly. The sieving accuracy and efficiency are also greatly improved, and the compression of the material on the screen is reduced to a certain extent, and the damage to the screen caused by excessive addition of materials is avoided. Of course, the use of this device can also avoid the phenomenon of flying materials as much as possible, and has a certain safety guarantee for the staff.
3. Add plastic pipes or cloth strips to the outlet of the swing screen.
    Some customers may be afraid that the discharge port of the swing screen is too high from the ground to cause random splashing when the material is discharged. This operation is specially adopted. These additional accessories can avoid the flying of materials with small specific gravity and light volume during discharge. , Which not only protects the environment, but also saves unnecessary material waste.
    There are many additional accessories such as swing screens. The use of these additional accessories is for more efficient and high-quality screening to meet the production needs of customers.