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Development trend of ore dressing vibratory screening equipment

Facing the increasingly tense situation of my country's domestic energy supply, the characteristics of my country's mineral resources determine the careful beneficiation after mining, and will also promote the development of some of my country's mineral processing equipment industry. With the rapid development of my country's iron and steel industry, some new mineral resources have been developed, and the amount of ore has increased sharply every year, so the future development of my country's mineral processing machinery will have a faster development period.

    At present, the pressure on mineral resources is becoming increasingly prominent. There is a great contradiction between extensive beneficiation and the reduction of resources. Therefore, the market urgently needs a more elaborate beneficiation process. The utilization rate and the development of new and more efficient mineral processing machinery will be the focus of the manufacturers' future development.

   At present, most of the mineral processing equipment adopts two types of gravity separation equipment and flotation equipment, but the utilization rate of such equipment is generally low, it is difficult to meet the requirements, and the construction of the comprehensive mineral processing mobile station is poor in mobility and cannot meet various requirements. Mineral processing environment. In the future, beneficiation mobile stations should vigorously adopt splicing technology to adapt to various devices and enhance their maneuverability.
Development trend of ore dressing vibratory screening equipment
   The development of the beneficiation process is actually synchronized with the equipment, and the production technology will affect the quality of the entire beneficiation industry. The development trend of large-scale ore dressing equipment is obvious in the future. The development of large-scale equipment can greatly improve the equipment level of my country's mineral processing manufacturers, thereby improving overall economic benefits. my country's vibrating screen equipment has also experienced the development process from miniaturization to large-scale, from high energy consumption to intensive type, from manual to automation. Large-scale ore equipment can not only reduce infrastructure investment, but also reduce floor space and power consumption to facilitate automation. International beneficiation equipment is developing in the direction of large-scale, and has obtained very good technical and economic indicators. In recent years, my country has made great achievements in the research of large-scale grinding, magnetic separation, and crushing equipment.

   According to the "2010 China Mineral Processing Equipment Market Analysis and Research Report" issued by Shangpu Consulting, my country's iron ore technology and equipment have achieved certain results but there are still further developments. In recent years, the country has continuously strengthened the rectification of the mining industry, and some small coal mines and small cement enterprises have been closed. Therefore, the automation, large-scale and environmental protection of mineral processing equipment have become the development direction of mineral processing machinery in the future. China has become a powerful country in the production of mineral processing equipment.

   Mining machinery refers to machinery directly used for mineral mining and enrichment operations. Including mining machinery, mineral processing machinery, crushing machinery, crushing machinery, grinding machinery, ore washing machinery, screening machinery, mining lifting equipment-bucket elevator, mining loading machinery, supporting equipment. Broadly speaking, prospecting machinery also belongs to mining machinery. In addition, a large number of crushers, ball mills, vibrating screens and conveyors are also used in mine operations.

   Common crushing machines include crushers, crushing stations, crushing shears, and crushing hammers. The crusher mainly includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. Common crushing machinery mainly includes mine crushers, ultra-fine crushers, air separation crushers, wood crushers, mechanical crushers, airflow crushers, low-temperature crushers, etc. Common grinding machinery mainly includes Raymond mill, ball mill, pulverizer, jet mill, stirring mill, vibration mill, etc. Common washing machines include sand washing machines, drying equipment, and washing equipment. Common conveying machinery includes belt conveyors, screw feeders, etc. Commonly used screening machinery includes vibrating dynamic screens for mines and powder screening equipment.

   With the further deepening of the adjustment of the global economic structure, the production methods and management models of the mining machinery manufacturing industry have also undergone profound changes, although Chinese mining machinery industry enterprises have achieved qualitative improvements in terms of production capacity, economic strength, product technology, and management level. Leap, but in the process of development, problems such as weak independent innovation ability, high dependence on basic components and parts, relatively backward technological development of high-end products and weak market development ability have also accumulated. Nowadays, mining machinery has gradually evolved from price competition to R&D competition, technology competition and talent competition.

   For a long time, China's energy structure dominated by coal has determined the thinking of large-scale coal mine construction. Under the environment of unprecedented emphasis on energy efficiency and energy saving, the construction of large-scale open-pit coal mines will be one of the key development directions of China's energy construction. Industry insiders pointed out that as the country strengthens the construction of mine resources, the popularity of mine construction has undoubtedly provided a good market opportunity for major mining equipment manufacturers not only in the development of mines, ore screening equipment-vibrating screens, minerals The screw conveyor used for the conveyor and the bucket elevator used for material lifting will also shine in the mining industry. Large-scale open-pit mining equipment is a major national technical equipment that is in urgent need of localization, and is also a key area for the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry.