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Application of stainless steel vibrating screen in vermicelli production

Vibrating screen equipment has a wide range of applications in the production process of vermicelli. Vibrating screens are used in the production of French fries and potato starch. The stainless steel vibrating sieve powder machine is also used in the production of white potato vermicelli. Because the food industry has strict requirements on hygiene standards, the equipment to be used must be 304 stainless steel. The commonly used vibrating screen meshes are generally: 120 mesh screen and 140 mesh screen. Let's take a look at the application of the rotary vibrating screening machine from the production process of potato vermicelli.

Application of all stainless steel vibrating screen in peanut milk removal process

How to use potato crops to produce white, boil-resistant, and market-competitive fans, the following technology is worth learning.
1. Select the sweet potato, potato or cassava that is rich in starch and non-rot, generally 5-6 kilograms of fresh sweet potato or potato, and can process 1 kilogram of refined white starch or vermicelli.
2. Wash the potatoes to clean the fresh potatoes and send them to the refiner.
3. Refining separation The starch milk is prepared by refining with a refiner.
4. Purification and decolorization First add edible decolorizing agent No. 1 to the starch milk, stirring continuously; then add edible decolorizing agent No. 2, add water, and filter once with a 120-mesh vibrating sieve; leave the filtrate to settle for several hours to remove the supernatant , Add water and stir evenly, pass through a 140-mesh vibrating sieving filter, and settle the filtrate for 6-9 hours and then flourish to obtain refined white starch.
5. For vermicelli forming, first take a small amount of starch and add boiling water to make thin gorgon, then add boiling resistant agent and stir evenly, so that the vermicelli will not stick and improve the boiling resistance. Then pour the flour into the hopper of the activated vermicelli machine, open the gate to leak the powder, and hold the powder head by hand, cut the vermicelli according to the required length, and spread it on the bamboo plaque.
6. Dry the formed vermicelli stall in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and wind, so as not to lose water too fast and affect the opening of the powder. Spread and dry for 4 to 8 hours. After the fans become hard, they can be opened and dried.
7. If the weather is fine, the fans can be dried in one day. When the vermicelli is half-dried, rub the flour and silk, rub the sticks together and straighten them. When the moisture content is about 16%, the powder can be collected.
8. Packaging Put the vermicelli in an indoor stall for 2 to 4 hours, use a guillotine knife to cut each section 30-40 cm long, put it into a long plastic bag, and seal it to form a small package of vermicelli.
9. The vermicelli in bulk or in small packages must be stored in the warehouse in time to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.