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Powder vibrating screen-mostly circular vibrating screens are used

Powder vibrating screen refers to a vibrating screen that handles powder. Most of these screens have a small processing capacity, so they are mostly circular vibrations. Among them, there are three-dimensional vibrating screens, straight-line screens, swing screens and other vibrating screens for sieve Powder, micropowder, and dry and wet materials, clean, sanitary and corrosion resistant.

Powder vibrating screen-mostly circular vibrating screens are used
The three-dimensional powder vibrating screen uses heavy hammers (unbalanced weights) installed up and down on the motor shaft to convert the rotating motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transfer this motion to the screen surface, so that the material is The screen surface does outward expansion and involute motion, so this series of vibrating screens are called rotary vibrating screens. Rotary vibrating screen has the advantages of long material running trajectory and high screen surface utilization. Adjusting the phase angle of the heavy hammers at the upper and lower ends can change the trajectory of the material on the screen surface. It can be used for fine screening and probability screening. Grading.

Powder vibrating screen-mostly circular vibrating screens are used
The straight-line powder vibrating screen uses a single horizontal vibrating motor as the excitation source. The vibrating motor is placed on one side of the machine body. After the material enters the equipment, it is subjected to the force of the vibration source to make an elliptical motion track on the screen surface. While the screen is quickly and reciprocally completed, the vibration force can continuously peel, break and reorganize the material, so that the material can quickly pass through the screen, and the material that cannot pass the screen will be discharged from the screen according to the movement track of the equipment. The outlet is discharged to complete the screening process.
The rocking powder vibrating screen is a mechanical simulation of this. It is currently the most effective simulation of the effective principle of manual screening motion (screening accuracy, efficiency, and screen life are all 5-10 times that of conventional round screens). All fine and ultra-fine powder and particulate materials are especially suitable for materials that are difficult to handle.