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The powder inspection sieve is a sieving machine used to inspect the aperture of materials in the laboratory

Round powder inspection sieve: The round powder inspection sieve is independently researched and developed according to the new national standard GB/T5507-2008 "Grain and Oil Inspection Powder Coarseness Test". The principle is that the samples are sieved on sieves of different specifications to achieve different particle separation. Calculate the thickness of flour grains based on the residue on the sieve. In the structure, a worm gear pair with a low center of gravity and high precision is used for variable speed transmission. The eccentric linkage mechanism is used for plane rotation. Under the action of the internal balance device, the operation is more stable. Reliable and more convenient operation. Electronic timing control, high timing accuracy. The main technical parameters are: screen size: φ300mm×30mm; screen size: CQ: 10, 16, 20, 27; CB: 30, 36, 42; rotation diameter: 50mm rotation speed: 260r/min; sample weight: 50.0g; Timing time: 0~900s.

The powder inspection sieve is a sieving machine used to inspect the aperture of materials in the laboratory
Electric powder inspection sieve: a special equipment for measuring the thickness of powder, developed according to the national standard of GB5507-85 "Grain and Oil Inspection, Measurement of Powder Thickness". The main technical parameters: instrument speed: 200r/min, radius of gyration: 40mm, maximum sieving capacity: 200g.
For general-purpose flour, the thickness of flour is different for different processing precision flour. The higher the grade of flour, the finer the flour. The thickness of flour is generally expressed by the remaining or passed sieve. This not only affects the quality of flour food, but also has a great impact on the technical and economic indicators of the flour mill. For example, many French flour mills require a roller contact length of 6mm to process 100 kg of wheat every 24 hours, while the mill roll contact length in my country is generally 12mm. It can be seen that the thickness of flour is very important, and various powder inspection sieves have also been promoted and applied. Corresponding instruments are equipped in grain and oil testing stations and quality supervision bureaus. The following two types of powder inspection and sieve equipment are commonly used.