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The advantages of circular inline vibrating screen and rotary vibrating screen

The circular straight-row vibrating screen is precisely for this reason, but many customers who are new to the vibrating screen have little understanding of various circular screening equipment, and they can’t distinguish their respective differences and differences in the application process. Not to mention choosing the right model according to your screening needs. The circular vertical vibrating screen is a new multi-purpose screening machine specially designed by our company’s engineers for some industries.

It has changed the original dual-motor structure and adopts a single horizontal vibrating motor. The running track of the material can be adjusted in various ways. The adaptability of the equipment is significantly increased; the materials are directly discharged and have a large processing volume. SYM-1000 type sieve machine, mesh 24 mesh, online sieving wheat flour for instant noodles, used to remove impurities and increase the specific surface area of wheat flour, which can reach 350kg/150 seconds. 

The company can design and manufacture according to user requirements, such as heightening the inlet and installing butterfly valves at the outlet. The advantages of circular inline vibrating screen and rotary vibrating screen. When we introduced the difference between rocking screen and rotary vibrating screen before, we mainly focused on the working principle, screening accuracy, applicable materials, body configuration, and screening efficiency. 

The advantages of circular inline vibrating screen and rotary vibrating screen

As an entry point, because these points are the key parameters that determine a screening and impurity removal equipment, and are also the iconic data that distinguishes a vibration screening machine from other screening equipment. Therefore, we will discuss circular vibration screening next. When it comes to the difference between a vibrating screen and a straight-line screen, the vibrating screen manufacturer (Jinhe Machinery) mainly uses these points as an entry point to distinguish two vibrating screens with similar appearance and different applications. 

The circular vertical vibrating screen is different from the heavy screening equipment used in mining. The light screening equipment has obvious characteristics of small size and finer. Therefore, considering the minimization of the equipment installation space, light screening equipment is often used Round, like a rotary vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen), swing screen, 450 filter, straight row vibrating screen, etc. 

We have already carefully explained the difference between the rotary vibrating screen and the 450 filter, the difference between the circular vibrating screen and the swinging screen, today we will carefully introduce the difference between the direct row vibrating screen and the common circular vibrating screen The difference.