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Which screening machine is the best choice for buried garbage disposal?

The buried garbage grading screen is located in the garbage foundation pit as a whole, and the exposed part is only the garbage discharge port. The loose garbage is poured from the discharge port into the buried type through various manual garbage trucks, garbage cans, and detachable garbage bins. In the garbage bin, the loose garbage is compressed by a compression device and pushed into the garbage storage bin. After multiple compressions, a box of loose garbage can be compressed into 6 cubic garbage blocks.
The buried garbage grading sieve lifting gallows can raise the entire garbage compression equipment above the ground and connect with the garbage transfer vehicle. The buried garbage station lengthens the body of the garbage bin, which can effectively prevent the garbage from falling during the loading process. Foundation pit: After the garbage loading is completed, the garbage compression station falls into the pit and waits for the next cycle.
Which screening machine is the best choice for buried garbage disposal?
Which screening machine is the best choice for buried garbage disposal?
The compression method of buried garbage grading sieve is carried out along the horizontal direction. This kind of garbage compression station is a fixed garbage collection and transfer facility, which mainly relies on electrical, hydraulic and mechanical three methods to automatically compress the garbage.
The buried garbage classification sieve compression transfer equipment is mainly composed of a lifting frame, a compression box, a compression box front door, a movable upper cover, an inspection port, a compression dozer, a hydraulic pump station, a lifting cylinder, an electronic control operation cabinet, spray dust reduction and deodorization Device (optional) composition.
1. Lifting frame:
It is made of thickened steel plate, which is firm, stable, safe and reliable; the structure adopts the form of parallelogram gallows, one side is fixed and the other side is sliding, and it has the function of stroke enlargement. This structure can not only stabilize the lifting of the compression box, but also reduce The stroke of the lifting cylinder reduces costs; the lifting frame is connected with the compression box through a pin, and the compression box is lifted by the action of the lifting cylinder; safety devices are also designed on the lifting frame, when sanitation workers go to the pit to clean At this time, opening the safety device can prevent the compression box from falling due to the internal leakage of the lifting cylinder and improve the safety factor of sanitation workers.
2. Compression box:
The compression box is the main stress component of the entire equipment. The upper and lower bottom and side plates of the buried garbage grading screen are all welded with thickened steel plates and reinforced with reinforced channel steel; there are two hinged ear seats on each side of the box. Connect with the lifting frame to complete the lifting of the compression box.
3. Front door of compression box:
The front door of the compression box is welded by thickened steel plates to avoid exposure of garbage and secondary pollution to the environment.
4. Activity cover:
The garbage discharge port is equipped with a movable upper cover to avoid the exposure of garbage and the volatilization of smell.
5. Inspection port:
An inspection port is arranged in the garbage bin to facilitate the maintenance of the garbage bin body.