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Quartz sand vibrating screen is better

The structural characteristics of the quartz sand swing screen and the running track of the material are different from the ordinary vibrating screen. Take the rotary vibrating screen as an example. Its principle is to use the exciting force generated by the vibrating motor to make the material move three-dimensionally on the screen surface, while the swing screen uses the motor to drive the belt to make the screen body appear circular. The trajectory shakes, so as to achieve the purpose of screening. This type of swing sieve rarely has dust flying during sieving, and the noise is low. However, if the motor used in the rotary vibrating sieve is not well sealed, there will be material leakage, large dust and high noise. .

Quartz sand vibrating screen is better or quartz sand swinging screen is better. When the quartz sand vibrating screen is sieving materials, often due to the irregular shape of the materials, the screening results are not ideal. If the screening machine is used, although the effect is good, for ordinary users, the investment cost is relatively large and not cost-effective. The swing screen is a kind of screening machine with low input and high efficiency. Today I will share some advantages of the swing screen with you.

Quartz sand vibrating screen is better

Users who have used vibrating screens know that different types of vibrating screens have restrictions on the applicable materials and scope. Some are suitable for particle and powder screening, and some are suitable for impurity removal and filtration. Under normal circumstances, the vibrating screen surface The larger the size, the longer the screening time of the material, the longer the movement track of the material on the screen surface, and the better the screening effect. This is only applicable to common types of materials. Like cylindrical, flake and irregularly shaped materials, even if these conditions are met, the material will block the mesh and the screening will not be clean.

Quartz sand vibrating screen is better or quartz sand rocking screen is better. The screening accuracy of the quartz sand rocking screen is higher and the screening efficiency is better. Users who use vibrating screens know that the ordinary rotary vibrating screen frame is equipped with a bouncing ball, which hits the screen while the screen machine is running to achieve the effect of cleaning the screen, but for sheet-like or cylindrical materials, use ordinary spinning The effect of the vibrating screen is not very good. In addition to the bouncing ball in the swing screen, there are many types of net cleaning devices, such as special brushes on the screen surface, which can clean the screen surface when the screen is working, thereby effectively solving the problem of mesh blockage. problem.
Quartz sand swing screen is suitable for screening cylindrical, flake and irregular materials. Because the swing screen can adopt multiple types of cleaning devices according to the type of material, it can effectively reduce the probability of mesh blockage due to the shape of the material. And some materials will have strong adsorption, easy clumping, and high static electricity when sieving by vibrating screen. Some materials themselves have the characteristics of high density and light specific gravity, which will easily block the mesh and reduce the machine’s Efficiency and screening effect. Therefore, it is necessary to add a net cleaning device to the swing screen.