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The treatment of vibrating screen failure

Date: 2016-01-04   Author:Sissy    Views: 2172

We know vibrating screen during operation failure may occur many, if not timely treatment adjustments will affect the successful completion of the screening operations, we can not guarantee the normal operation of the entire production line. Today, Xiaobian talk about treatment process at the mine shaker operation encountered failure.

Vibrating sieve surface material flow abnormalities

1、Transverse horizontal screen box did not identify, from the support leg spring bearing seat or the spring itself to find fault, for spring or change seat size, there may be damage caused by the screen surface network, as long as the replacement of the screen can be.If it has been due to lack of screen box stiffness did not identify the horizontal level, will cause beam fracture, such as still running but also make material flow abnormalities. There may be improper operation, namely the feed is one of the reasons is extremely uneven.

2、Screen box stiffness is insufficient, there is a critical frequency vibration bolts loose, even to the extent of overall vibration loose, that is tightened.


Slow rotation shaker, bearing fever

This case shows the usual maintenance did not keep up, bearing grease missing, add oil if it is new, it is the quality of oil or add too full of poor-quality oil bearing blocking labyrinth seal jams, so grease quality is very important.

Shaker can not start or amplitude is too small

Encountered such a situation should be checked on accessibility electrical motor damage, or damage to the components in the circuit, if insufficient voltage, these three had no problems, and then check from the machine: ① rotary vibration sieve surface whether the accumulation of too much material, if that cleared. ② the exciter coupling bolts without loss, ③ whether grease caking thickens, then you can clean overhaul shaker, and then adjust the position of the eccentric shaft aggravated block or vice eccentric.

Circular vibrating screen too noisy

May be bearing damage, loose bolts, beams and spring fracture damage, in addition to tightening the bolt, the other three conditions required replacement parts.

Shaker side crack damage, beams fracture, structure

Such a situation will not arise suddenly, is at work too critical frequencies, such as a large number of high-strength bolts fastening side relaxation, spring severely deformed so very much about the level of difference, there may be eccentric blocks each weighing error too large, causing structural parts are damaged, wall cracks, and even beams broken, other than to replace the damaged parts, tighten the bolts, when patching wallboard cracks must first hit in the second two 6m / m holes to prevent cracks extension, do not forget to fill in when the reinforcing plate, in strengthening the board to play a few vents.

Poor quality vibrating sieve

Most of the reason is improper operation, ① may mesh plug into the sieve material increase in fines and water increased, so that the oversize material layer is too thick, feeding inequality and so on; ② on both sides of the screen may pull Debu tight; ③ If the eccentric shaft may drag the inability belt, the belt is too loose, and other mechanical problems dealt with, you can reverse the rotation period of time, in order to improve screening quality.


2016 came quietly, past 2015 left us memories, today we look to the future 2016. Mine shaker manufacturers best wishes in the new year everything goes, life is comfortable. We will continue to use our enthusiasm and serious attitude for everyone FAQ.

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