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Away from dust, see the sunshine

Date: 2015-12-28   Author:Sissy    Views: 2229

Today, a new day, a new beginning. We poke haze nearly a week, ushered in the warm sunshine. Although relatively low temperature, however, the sunshine of our joy remained significant in our faces.

In beneficiation industry development faster and faster, modern, every step from the mine to the beneficiation mining machinery and equipment, especially in the important work of all. Processing machinery equipment broken equipment, important equipment grinding equipment and screening equipment. For different minerals have corresponding production lines, such as sand production line, phosphate production line, and so on.

However, the material of the ore crushing and screening even when the surrounding will present a "haze" feeling. In fact, this is the material during the crushing or screening when raised dust. This dust is usually the end of the year or other tiny mineral substances, and the most troublesome is the dust contains a lot of silica, the silica on the human body what harm?


After being inhaled silica, not dissolved by the body difficult to discharge, accumulation and more people will suffer from silicosis, also known as silicosis. Compared to the treatment or prevention first from the start. Prevention and Control of dust to reduce the prevalence rate is one of the main role, but also to protect the environment.

We need to take preventive measures for danger. Today small for everyone to say something against these dusts, how should we deal with.

NO.1 Broken Dust

Now a lot of broken equipment and dust will be more or less poor interference crusher if harmful by dust will shorten the oil change cycle, but also exacerbate the degree of equipment wear. So, dust broken equipment work is also essential. Broken equipment dust may want to start from the following aspects:

1、Install exhaust fan, exhaust fan only place with the discharge, should be subject to effective treatment, and the timing of the air vents clean.

2、Replace the impeller type heat pumps, in order to ensure normal supply. The crusher dust generated in the course of their work, you can use a mechanical method or a wet dust removal method. Wet dust method is to humidify the material to water to be dust dust in the air.

NO.2 Dust sieving

Perfect dust screening machine function is one of the future direction of vibratory screening machine. Dust screening machine can be used dust source closed approach. For control of dust sources, in addition to the dust source outside the closed method, there are other methods such as high-voltage electrostatic dust, dust suppression and other ultrasonic atomization.

Dust is the work of a major event can not be ignored, is also an important means of maintaining a green environment. Not only can improve efficiency, but also for the workers to create a reassuring environment. Above is Xiaobian today that dust for maintenance approach. For more information, please look at our website www.screening-machine.com

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