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Mining round vibrating mesh replacement

Date: 2015-12-25   Author:Sissy    Views: 2236

A few days ago we talked circular vibrating screen installation. We know that the mining round vibrating mesh is also life, when we use the screen for a long time will be damaged old phenomenon. This time we need to put on the new screen. But many customers do not know how to replace the screen. Today small for everyone to talk about replacement mesh.

In general, then, the life of the shaker screen shaker, compared with the relatively short, and the shaker screen is a set of wearing parts on the device, if the user when in use, very care, thenIt lets sieve shaker in the original extension of the life of a little bit further, but if users are using the process, there is its maintenance work, but also to a large work load shaker, allowing the screen to bear comparison much weight, then sieve life is very short.

Mining round vibrating

Let's talk about a specific screen replacement procedure:

1.Loosen the screws first remove the upper ring beam frame, the fine mesh is damaged Remove and replace them with new fine mesh.

2.Users better screens, you can put a fine mesh sieve rough tile on top, and then put on the box again put back to the original position, and then the staff will all tighten by hand around a fine mesh,We need to use the universal clamp on the frame and the lower frame clamp.

3.Beam ring again put on, loose universal clamp, the bundle ring mounting screws.

4.Beat with a soft hammer beam uniformity ring around, and then the copper nut, for the fine mesh is completed.

5.Coarse mesh shaker on the breakage occurs if the words, the user can be repaired, if unable to complete the repair work, then returned to the manufacturer where you can buy repair, advised a group of coarse mesh back.

Xinhai vibrating screen manufacturers for everyone answering questions through small series of brief, you must know the way to replace the screen. Whatever the device, there will be damaged when the old, the key is how to replace, this is a problem. More on shaker questions please look at our official website.

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